Photography by Fran Del Santo

Fran Del Santo

San Diego, Ca.
What we may want isn’t always what we get in life. Work your dreams, find a way to make your work come alive and live life to the fullest even in hard times.
My photography has taken on a new wide ranges from black and white prints to canvas and being in a gallery show.
I have entered the Ocean Beach Historic Society Photography Exposer over the years; in 2015 was a record year for me. My photos places 2 first place and people’s choice, I needed to be recognized. I have been asked by friends and students; why enter a photography contests here is a good reason ‘how do you know if you’re improving if you’re not judged’.
Photography has truly become a bigger part of my life since John has died. It is a way to feeding my soul and with each photo life stands still like a looking glass. I will always be a student of photography, because it allows me to work and make my dreams come true. I am still taking classes at a city college, this allows me to be kept up to date on the latest news, information on cameras, change in lighting, and if I run in to a problem a full staff and students to work on it
If you would like to book a photography session for yourself or an event please call/text me (619) 578-9910
Please be respectful of my work and the participants of events; I ask that you don’t download or copy my work.